Thank You Sandoval County!

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Thank you Sandoval County Democrats!

I cannot express the heartfelt gratitude I have for all the people who accompanied me in this
journey; who donated their time, money, efforts, encouragement and faith. I am honored and
thankful to the citizens of Sandoval County for putting so much confidence in my work ethic,
experience and proven credentials. These are the key qualities that I believe the Sandoval
County voters took into consideration and I think that will also play into their decision for the
General Election.

My goal is to serve the public, the staff and colleagues in a non partisan, professional and
upstanding way. Through this experience in the Primary Election, I have so much optimism and
faith for the future of New Mexico and the citizens of this great County that we can unite and
work together.

I would also like to thank Ronnie Sisneros for running a clean and professional campaign. His
many years of public service is truly admirable and commendable. My sincere gratitude for his
hard work and service to Sandoval County.



Jennifer “Jennie” Taylor