Proven Leadership

With a track record of excellence and a passion for serving the community, Jennie Taylor has demonstrated her exceptional leadership abilities throughout her tenure in the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office. Joining the office in 2017, she quickly rose through the ranks, earning the position of Deputy Treasurer in 2019. Recognizing her dedication and expertise, the people of Sandoval County elected Jennie as their Treasurer in 2021, a testament to their trust in her ability to deliver results.

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Principle and Goal Driven

Jennie strives to achieve principled and goal driven leadership in her role as Sandoval County Treasurer. Her top priorities revolve around the responsible collection, protection, distribution, and investment of taxes. However, Jennie’s dedication extends beyond numbers and spreadsheets. She recognizes that the taxpayers she serves are individuals deserving of respect and dignity. Treating each taxpayer with the utmost respect is at the core of her values. Jennie is also inclusive of Sandoval County’s indigenous communities which include the following pueblos:


Sandoval County Roots

Jennie moved to Rio Rancho in 2002 with her husband and raised their two children in Sandoval County. Jennie has worked and served in the surrounding community in the legal and investigations fields before serving in the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office beginning in 2017.