Jennifer “Jennie” Taylor has been a Sandoval County resident and taxpayer for almost two decades after moving to Rio Rancho with her husband and their two children in 2002. She has served in numerous leadership roles within her church and has a professional background in legal services, investigations, office management and operations management. During her free time, Jennie enjoys spending time with family, hiking, camping and watching football.

Jennie has been working in the Sandoval County Treasurer’s Office since November 2017. Treasurer Laura M. Montoya appointed Jennifer as Chief Deputy Treasurer in February 2019. Jennie has earned her Certified Public Official designation and will earn her Certified Treasury Official designation in January 2020 with the New Mexico State University NM EDGE program. Her experience, skill set and current position in the Treasurer’s Office is what sets her a part from her competitors.

"I appreciate serving the Sandoval County taxpayers...I would be honored to continue the transparent leadership we’ve had by serving as your next County Treasurer.”

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